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30,12, 2020

Kashiri 2020
"Kashiri(가시리)" is originally a folk song that expresses the sadness of a breakup but with hope for returning. The lyric was adapted to the court music during the Koryeo Dynasty(ca.mid 14th century)of Korea and became a tribute to peace and happiness for the nation. Good bye to 2020 and to welcome the hope a new year brings: Life is an Art and Art is Hope Written & Directed : Sukjin Kim Choreography & Performer : Sukjin kim, Jooyun You Composition & Performer : Soprano Moon-Sook Park Director of Music & Sound Engineer : Donoung Lee Director of Photography : Jason Baxter 2nd Unit Drone : Angus Budge Costume Designer : Camyla Sikora Producer : Sukjin Kim Executive Producer : Tony Gulvin Kashiri 2020 Scotland UK

Middle of Summer time in Italy 2019

Good bye mother and Hello Mama
in Piedinterra Becoming Nature

20th of July to 20th of August, 2017

Have a green healing time at 'Welcome to Green Island' - a fulfilling art festival for all five senses! For about a month between the last weeks of July and August, the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art has transformed itself into a 'Green Island' where we can understand and heal each other. A total of nine themed spaces have been set up.
During the three-day "Healing Arts Festival" from July 28th to July 30th, a variety of performances, experiential events, workshops, camping and eco flea markets will be held in all across the festival grounds. This festival will provide a place of green healing where people, art and nature may blend together.
From July 21 to August 20, the exhibition “Land of Myths, Embracing Nature and Mind” will be held at the museum. It is composed of installations showing mythological spaces of the Jeju region that awaken the importance of nature's greatness and interdependency with man. It shows a modernized piece of wisdom that has been lifted from the old myths of Jeju.
It is a refreshing and healing experience for the whole family to enjoy in this hot summer. Please come and indulge yourself, leaving the moment of busy daily life behind! In "Welcome to Green Island", the experiential place of harmony and order where you can befriend nature, you will spend a great time with your family.
For more information, please visit:
○ Healing Arts Festival 7/28 (Fri) – 30 (Sun) ** 28(Fri) Sold out**
Main Programme information
• Immersive healing performance ‘Being Touched’ 16:30-18:00
(Co-created by Ms Seo Soon-Shil, a head shaman of the indigenous Jeju Keun Kut (Grand Ritual of Jeju), the Korean Performing Arts Development Corp., MARO and London Therapeutic Performance Group Le Collectif)
• Music & Imaginary Workshop 13:00-15:00
(Guided by Le Collectif)
• Jeju Paper Art: Kime making Workshop 13:00-15:00
(Guided by Jeju Master shamans)
Booking needed (
• A Midsummer Night’s Healing Party 19:00~21:00
Open for all

15th-18th of August, 2016

UK and Korean Artist research project 2016-2017
"Being touched"

Improvisation workshop in Jeju, South of Korea

Korean traditional art group and Music Therapist's basic Impro workshop and Showcase in London